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the Lean communication Program

Streamlines business communications for a fast-paced digital age

Uses the principles of Lean Manufacturing to optimize your communication processes and make your people more effective

Designed for technical, regulated industries


Geoff's specialties: Operations, banking, financial services, technology, government, engineering, construction, audit, risk management, and more

The program at-a-glance

In this phase, we use online surveys and phone interviews with key people. The goals are to identify gaps, set priorities and benchmarks, and build awareness for the switch to Lean Communication.

At this stage, Geoff will enroll your
team in a live workshop, Lean Email online training, or a blend of both.  

Leadership Mentoring

Geoff provides 1-on-1 support for
your senior leaders. During private
and group calls, Geoff will help them
solve their biggest communication
challenges and start thinking Lean.

Laser Coaching

If any major communications need
to be written while your program is
running, Geoff will give you advice
on how to make your message more
engaging and persuasive.

Process Optimization

During this phase, Geoff will work
with you to assess your
communication processes and
eliminate the bottlenecks that
cause disruptions across your team.

There’s always a risk that things
will go back to the old ways, so
Geoff insists on follow-up Q&A calls
and Champions Training, where
your best communicators gather
for advanced coaching.

Geoff tailors the program 100% to your needs and partners with you for 3-6 months.  

Get in touch with Geoff

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