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Geoff Weinstein


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Ingrid Figueroa

Associate, Latin America

More about Geoff

I help busy leaders shift company culture to align with AI and digital transformation strategies. I work directly with my clients to 1) tighten up broken communication processes and 2) show their people how to be clear, concise, and influential. I’ve served the financial industry for more than 20 years, and specialize in regulated industries where people are really smart but struggle to articulate their ideas.

I believe passionately...

...That Lean is the only way to go in this fast-paced world.

My mission:

To make Lean the new standard for workplace communication.

Why Lean Communication matters

  • The digital age demands a more efficient way to communicate.

  • The old habits and procedures from the 1990’s don’t work anymore.

  • Nobody has the time or patience for unclear messages.

  • Most companies today are obsessed with shiny new technology, but…

  • Not enough are investing in culture change, and…

  • Many leaders will realize, too late, that technology isn’t enough.

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