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The lean communication network

For people who want to be more efficient and effective

Hello Graduate


I'm building a network of people who want to simplify their communications and reduce overload. As a member, you'll get tips and tools, plus great rewards for helping me spread the word. 

Signup Bonus


Over the years I've had good times with friends over a cuppa joe. We might not be able to meet, but let me buy you one.


You pick the place



More Membership Gifts:

Tools for your Lean journey

Free eBook

You'll get a PDF of my book - Buried Alive: Digging your way out to clear communication - read it while you sip your coffee.

Lean Tips

Every month, I'll send you valuable tips and reminders that will make you more clear and concise.


As a member of the network, you'll get advance copies of my research, reports, and white papers.

PLUS: Rewards for Referrals

Help me spread the news about Lean Communication


Introduce me to someone you think would benefit from going Lean.

If that person becomes a new client, you'll get a generous thank you gift. 

Lean Email course registration: $50 

New Lean coaching client: $250

New corporate client: up to $500

I'll email you more details and your unique LEAN ID when you join.

Join me!

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