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How to get busy people to do what you ask...willingly

After the workshop, you'll start to notice...

Clearer messages
Less fluff
Increased efficiency
Improved morale
Fewer emails
Higher customer loyalty

This workshop produces rapid change

Participants learn how to:

  • Influence with or without authority

  • Spend less time writing

  • Project a sense of urgency

  • Organize their thoughts 

  • Be clear and concise 

  • Use plain language

  • Get the attention of busy people

  • Cut the fluff out of their writing

  • Use direct, active language

  • Use email more responsibly

More Details

  • Customized for your challenges

  • Relevant to your industry

  • Full of activities and assignments

  • Designed for multiple learning styles

  • Delivered onsite at your office

  • Limited to 16 people maximum

  • 1.5 days long (standard program)

  • Offered in .5 and 1-day formats

Content Overview

Geoff takes you on a journey through the Three Elements of Influence:​
  1. Passion: The strategy of influencing others

  2. Logic: The clarity and structure that leads to action

  3. Trust: The style and character of influential people


3 pillars.png

A Word From our Graduates: 


It raised my self-awareness. Great course!


Great reminder to keep my messages clear and concise.


The little tips and tricks make a huge difference.


Extremely relevant to today's culture and how people communicate.

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